uk Deze how-to use Magento 1.3 with PHP 5.3 is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands op onze Kennisbank.

At Byte, we’re upgrading our PHP to version 5.3 in November.  Since Magento 1.3 is not compatible with PHP 5.3, some of our customers worry that they will have to upgrade all their sites to Magento 1.4.

Fortunately you can use Magento 1.3 with PHP 5.3 by changing three files:


On line 484, replace



On line 139. replace



On line 192, replace


If you install Magento 1.3 via our servicepanel, these changes are already included in your installation.

Is that really all there is to it?

So far we have about 20 customers running Magento 1.3 on PHP 5.3. They haven’t reported any problems.

Won’t it break if I upgrade Magento?

When you upgrade Magento, your changes will be overwritten. But if you’re upgrading to version 1.4, that should not be a problem since Magento 1.4 supports PHP 5.3 out of the box.


A few users noticed that to print invoices, you need to change one more file:


On line 59, replace


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