Working at Byte
(it's a party!)

How do you make a difference in the world of hosting?
By keeping a team of smart, young people in perfect shape.
With an office across Westerpark. Waterside terrace, weekly 
massages and an awesome breakroom. A place where 
you can make your own mark on the company.

On good conditions


A market rate salary that's in line with your education and experience. Once a year, you’ll have a performance evaluation with your team leader. Employees who have been doing well will be rewarded with a nice raise.

Holiday Allowance

It’s pretty standard for the Netherlands, but that's no reason not to mention it. In May, you'll get an extra 8% of your yearly salary to go on vacation, buy a hottub or PS4, or spend however you want.

As a fulltime employee, you can take 26 days of holiday per year. It’s even possible to buy up to 10 extra days off if you have very big plans for a year.

Travel expenses

At Byte, we’re doing our part to work towards a better world. That’s why we encourage all our employees to come to work on public transport. If you'd like to commute via train, you'll get a NS business card to travel for free on your daily route. If you use the metro or tram, we'll get you a commuter pass. In either case, you'll never have to worry about travel expenses again! And if you live nearby and bike or walk to work, you'll be reimbursed per kilometer, to save up for a faster bike or better shoes.

Sports compensation

Byte employees work out for free! We reimburse up to 50 euros per month spent on sports and workout gear. Or if you prefer to stay fit some other way, you’re eligible for a wellness-budget to use for workshops or trips to the spa, buying 'healthy' groceries, and a lot more!


You’re able to work right now, but when you're older and don't want to work anymore, you still need income. Byte helps you save for the future by paying ⅔ of a monthly contribution to your pension fund (which we’ll also set up for you, through an agreement with PNO media).

Personal Development

Each year, you'll get a 1000 Euro budget for continuing your education (techies get 1500 euro, because tech trainings/seminars are often more expensive). You can use this however you like, as long as it has something to do with your work.

Flexible workhours

You can start your day between 08.00 and 10.00, and, depending on when you came to work, stop between 16.30 and 18.30. We think teamwork, interaction and learning from each other are very important, that's why we make sure you have a nice, comfortable space in our office. But, if you prefer to work at home sometimes, that's also possible.


Our lunch staff knows how to prepare delicious lunches. Every day, there’s a large selection of bread, toppings, salad and juices. Occasional treats like fresh egg salad, homemade pancakes or even a chili con carne help keep things spiced up. We eat all together so you’ll also get a chance to catch up with co-workers from other departments.


A healthy work environment is really important. Our ergocoach will help you figure out what you need to maximize your comfort and productivity: adjustable standing desks, supportive chairs, deskbikes, balance boards, ergonomic mouses and keyboards... and last but not least: a fast, high-quality computer or laptop.


Once per quarter we devote a week to learning more about health and doing fun health-related activities. You can measure your 'real age', consult one-on-one with a personal trainer or dietician, participate in workshops, enjoy a special themed lunch... have another great idea? You're welcome to join the Byte health-team!

Byte weekend getaway

Everybody looks forward to this weekend. Once a year we take a trip to a surprise destination where we play paintball, compete in fun scavenger hunts, and... party!

Drinks and fun

TGIF! When it’s almost the weekend, we like to relax with some beers after work. There’s always room for some BBQ, chilling around the outdoor fireplace, dancing and whatever else the evening might bring.

Other conditions

Of course there’s more! Like the ‘Byte-goed-bezig-vakantie’ volunteering agreement and free hosting for employees. Want to know more? Ask us! And if you have any other questions or wishes, let us know. We're always willing to find out what we can do for you.

€50 a month
sports compensation
Up to €1500
education budget
Flexible hours
Yearly Byte trip:
Destination Unknown

"The most fun part about Byte? There is a really nice atmosphere in which you are free to express what you think. Do you have a great idea? Do something with it. No difficult political games: the customer is most important. Period."

Jonna Merks
Online Marketeer at Byte