(For .nl domain names look at Verhuizen Naar Andere Provider)

I want to transfer my domain name to another provider

To transfer your domain name to another hosting provider, take the following steps:

Step 1 – Cancel your subscription with Byte

Most domain names need an authorization code or token to initiate the transfer. This code or token will be e-mailed to your customer account e-mail address when you cancel your subscription:

  • Log on to the Service Panel with your customer number and password
  • Click the domain you wish to transfer
  • Click “Opzeggen” under the tab ‘Administratief’.
  • Choose: “Ik wil het domein wegverhuizen naar een andere provider”
  • Please provide us with your feedback as to why you wish to terminate your contract.
  • Check the box: “Ik verklaar kennis te hebben genomen van het bovenstaande en ga hiermee akkoord. “
  • Fill in your Service Panel password and click: “Bevestigen”
  • If an AUTH code is needed, it will be e-mailed to the ‘Registrant’ e-mail address.

If you don’t cancel the subscription, you will keep receiving invoices and will not receive an AUTH/transfer code.

Step 2 – Request the transfer at your new hosting provider

Please contact your new provider to initiate the transfer. They will explain what you’ll need to do to transfer the domain name. We can not transfer the domain name for you. The responsibility of the transfer of a domain name lies with the new Provider.

My new provider says that Byte has to initiate the transfer

The new provider has to start the transfer. The procedure has been designed so that the owner can order any new provider to transfer the domain. If you have any doubts concerning this, please check at ICANN. Byte will not discuss the standard policies of ICANN or the gTLD operators.


  • Byte will fully cooperate with any transfer that has correctly been passed in writing.
  • If the proper documents are received, Byte allows the transfer by changing the status of the domain to ACTIVE.
  • The new hosting provider initiates the transfer at their registrar.
  • Byte will accept the request for transfer within 1-2 days, after that the domain name will be transferred.
  • In case of: .info domain names: Byte will sent the AUTH code to the registered e-mail address on transfer.