It's our mission to make the lives of webdevelopers and -designers as easy as possible. Building websites is difficult enough, why should they also think about hosting? Byte makes sure there is hosting you can rely on, just as you can rely on water; it's always coming from the tap but then with a 100 bar and extra bubbles :) Hosting at Byte is reliable, fast, secure and online.


Our passion for cool technology had brought us a long way. We now have our own unique hosting product called Hypernode, where we focus on the software layer on top of the hosting. That means dat we're building tools that webdevelopers can use to tweak, speed up and update their websites very easily and safely. We've made famous tools like the Magento Monitor, Sucuri and NeoPi integration, the one-click Magento installer and don't forget Magereport.


If you dare to use your vision, experience and ambition to write good quality code so we can conquer the world of hosting you better check out the rest:

  • You are smart, inquisitive and you love complexity - trust us, our platform is complex! :) You have a lot of responsibility so take it and you'll have a lot of freedom. There's always a team of smart techies you're working with on the projects.

  • You have experience working with Linux, no Linux-secrets for you! 

  • You have experience coding, preferably in Python. If you've never touched Python, you know a similar language so you'll be up to speed in no time. Besides your level, you are pragmatic, meticulous and quality focussed, but not obsessed with perfection. Though you do love that feeling when you turn ancient Perl code into smooth Python. You have a positive attitude and a focus on solutions.

  • You recognize opportunities and avoid the limitations of the present. Investigating is like a second nature for you. If there's an incident or system failure you find out where it's coming from, you isolate it and presents the solution. If there's a pattern you recognize it immediately. 

  • It's very cool if you're having experience on other areas like cloud solutions and databases 

  • You're experienced with TDD, or ready to start writing test driven code.

  • You're not afraid being a hero. No problem for you to have a 'heldendienst' = heroshift = 24/7 shift once in a while. You're a hero in heart and soul. 

  • It's important that you can speak and write fluently English, it's a big plus if you can speak and write fluently Dutch or if you like to learn. :) Costs for moving is you're living outside the Netherlands are not sponsored. 

The rewards

Challenging work that makes you proud! Relaxed shoulders thanks to inhouse massage. Lunch with healty fresh salades, or PBJ sandwiches. Fresh fruit a plenty. The coffee is so good, pretty soon you'll run around at hyperspeed. A lovely office right across Westerpark with outside terrace. Sound and light installations that require 6 people to carry by now. Weekend get-aways and hackathons. Pinball matches, skippy ball chairs, stending desks and deskbikes. A no-nonsense team of nice colleagues, and our casual Friday starts on Monday and lasts all week. If you ask nicely we'll reimburse your commute, your sportcosts and courses. Oh, and ofcourse a paycheck that makes you go 'Nice!'. Check this page or ask Lilyan.


We kijken graag zo snel mogelijk of er een persoonlijke match is. Overtuig HR-dame Lilyan en je toekomstige teamleider door een mail te sturen naar met een blinkend CV en stralende motivatie.

Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.



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